Cybermedha IT Solutions

Cybermedha IT Solutions specialise in building corporate websites, streaming media sites, studio websites, portals and E-Commerce websites and offer Domain Registration, Website Hosting, SEO, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud CDN Hosting. And also sell IT products like, Dedicated IPs, Site Scanners and SSL Certificates etc.

Cybermedha IT Solutions adheres to a comprehensive Web design & development process through initial planning and concept design to documented specification and realisation. Its development team works in close collaboration with writers, graphic designers, web designers and usability experts. Go to website

ViewLiveEvents Streaming Solutions

ViewLiveEvents Streaming Solutions can send video and audio of any event live on internet while it’s being held - events like Meetings, Weddings, Gatherings and Birthdays to viewers around the world, allowing them to watch it from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

ViewLiveEvents offers webcasting event management, streaming media portal development, maintenance, training, man power supply and streaming technology consultation. It partners with Studios, IT Organisations, Event Managers, Videographers and who have the skills to produce live events. ViewLiveEvents helps them with Website Design, Software, Hardware, Training, Promotional Material and Dedicated Support. Go to website