We put together the right teams, systems & business policies. Our deep knowledge and skills in Human Resources, Technology and innovation allow our teams to challenge conventional thinking and overcome every obstacle to give you exceptional results.

We are experts in a wide range of technologies and we bring in specialists from across our whole firm to ensure you get the right team. We specialise in Live Streaming Technology, Webcasting Event Management, Web Development and HR consulting.

We built on our people, technology and the exceptional work we deliver for our clients. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to continually discover better ways to address clients' needs, ultimately effecting positive change for them, for their industries and for the world. We are employee-owned, goal oriented and independent.

Objectives & Goals

  1. Providing expert advice and solutions for clients requiring specialised services, mainly in the fields of Streaming Media, Web Development and Human Resources
  2. Maintaining high ethical standards to operate with integrity and professionalism
  3. Being worthy of clients’ confidence by remaining accountable for our actions
  4. Providing complete end-to-end, cost effective and exceptional business solutions that makes our clients business to be future ready and outperform the competition
  5. Achieving excellence in quality through continually improving process and methodology
  6. Maintaining the fire to excel, commitment to work, and team work
  7. Maintaining balance between the objectives of the employees and the organization by aligning the employee’s objectives in line with organizations objectives
  8. Adjusting business strategy regularly according to company and market needs  to achieve our goals
  9. Being profitable but not at the expense of people
  10. Contribute to society, in particular to the young people by giving employment opportunities

Work Culture:

We understand that Successful companies and successful employees need each other
What Kind of culture you can expect at Cybermedha Solutions!

  1. Focus on customer service
  2. Commitment to superb performance
  3. Constant learning
  4. Assignments that require functional and technical skills

Is Cybermedha a Good Employer for You?

Cybermedha isn’t for everyone, but it just may be the best place for you. Do you...

  • Build long-term relationships with clients through direct communication?
  • Enjoy working with others on small teams?
  • Work best in a non-hierarchical environment without a title or a boss?
  • Respect the knowledge of others and collaborate to make decisions?
  • Want to make a difference through services that enhance the technology and people capability?

If you're serious about working for us, we request you to contact us to see whether your expectations align with ours.